Retargeting or Remarketing
Remarketing is basically marketing strategy for re-engaging users (shopping cart abandoners) or up-sells via email marketing.

Remarketing is often mistaken with Retargeting, which is online placement of display or banner ads, based on user activity on your website, tracked via cookies or sessions. It is versatile tool, that allows you to deliver customized message, based on user behavior via Google AdWords, DoubleClick or other publisher networks.

Essential part of the Retargeting is the creative. With interactive and dynamic HTML5 Retargeting banners you can engage your customers showing them tailored offers, special discounts or products they have viewed.

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We’re certified.
We are DoubleClick Studio HTML5 and Dynamic banners certified and Google AdWords Display certified.

Through profound HTML5 and Javascript knowledge, combined with proficiency with DoubleClick Studio and AdWords platforms we're sure that our banners will be served to as many publishers as possible no matter these are Rich Media, Dynamic, Remarketing or Retargeting banners.

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